M2 Account Permissions Not Working

We're having issues with M2 (again). We have a free IFB Pro (Complimentary) account setup and the permission access isn't working. The IFB Pro (Complimentary) members can't access any of the protected content.

I tried setting up a new membership IFB Pro (Free). The permissions issues were resolved, but I'm unable to add new members to the IFB Pro (Free) membership. The event appears in M2 > Memberships > IFB Pro (Free) > News, but the accounts don't appear in M2 > All Members.

I tried having Complimentary accounts also have Free accounts. But the glitch in the permissions remains. And when I delete the IFB Pro (Complimentary) membership, in hopes of only having the IFB Pro (Free), the account gets completely deleted. DELETED.