M2 CSS tricks, applying PADDING

I've tried everything but after achieving the result, rest of the site is a smush.

Membership2 Registration page opens a separete, pop-up type pageview which doesn't follow the rest of the site. I've tried to trigger just the div id but still the very simple padding round the page seems to be impossible to achieve and the page shows the text starting from the very edge – not looking nice at all. Please help.

I'm using the Elegant Themes Divi -theme which is quite popular one out there. Since the CSS doesn't trigger on the M2 pop-up type pageviews, I use Child Theme and it works on other CSS adjustments but not this one.

I'm simply trying to accomplish a padding around the content of the this page.

  • Pete
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    This worked like a charm. Thank You

    Could I still ask.. I’ve localized pretty much everything but the green background info statement (on the previous screenshot) is not found in the .po files, any ideas?

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Pete,

    Sorry about that, I was looking at the green message and completely missed that rest of the site is in Finnish, talking about not seeing the wood for the trees. :slight_smile:

    I tested this on my end and it looks like there’s a little mistake in M2 translation files.

    I have reported this to our developers to check for next release but in the meantime you can download attached file, unzip it and place it inside /wp-content/plugins/membership/app/view/frontend/ folder.

    After that when you translate Please check the details of your subscription below and click on the relevant button to complete the subscription. string in translation file it will show up as your message.

    Best regards,


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