M2 eliminated part of our Theme…

Valued Support Team,

we are pleased about this new membership version. Congratulation to the launch. Our first impression – including documentation – definitely 10 STAR-rating, excellent and high end professionally … best of all, even STRIPE is included.

We installed and activated it yesterday straight away (upgrade from protected content). Well that we have to re-enter out membership levels (the existing one were with installation all deleted) is okay as it is not a major task to redo that.

But we also recognized that this new installation eliminated part of our theme on the mainpage. To be precise: The revolution slider slides was fixed just two days ago from your colleague Michael Bissett (see support post https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/help-to-modify-revolution-slider#post-891764 ) and it worked since perfectly. Now, at least background slides perhaps is missing again therefore our main front page does not load properly.

We know for sure this bug is caused by the m2 installation as it was the only thing we did yesterday.

Please be so kind and fix this bug again.

Support access is granted.

Kind regards