M2 Pro Workflow, Styling and Protected Areas

Here’s the deal…I am setting up a website for SEO services. In an ideal world I want a great user experience, not page after page of unnecessary garbage. There is no hosted content other than the subscribers account info. It should be simple. I don’t want the user to go into a wordpress dashboard area where they’ll only get confused. In fact they don’t have to know that this is built with WordPress. The flow should look like this: http://oc3.in/guru-sitemap.

Pricing tier

Sign up/buy now

Create account


Intake form

Thank you page


After they sign up and an account has been created then I want “Account” to appear in the menu.

If that can’t work then it can be in the menu constantly and will just force the user to a login page.

Does that make sense? In trying to curate that experience I am forced into the M2 page styles which look awful when they should inherit the themes styles. I was paying a web dev to do this for me and provided all the documentation in an assignment brief including a list of resources to everything relating to the theme, theme pages and sitemap. One night I got so frustrated and did everything myself. The page flow wasn’t bad and the shortcodes from what I could remember worked in the themes login screens. The next day he messed everything up again and it hasn’t worked properly since.

Now I’m paying my friend who used to write articles and tutorials for Webmonkey. Even he has been hit with obstacles and informed me that he can’t bypass the membership page. The membership page is that page with the tiers I am offering, the one that should look like the one on the pricing page.

Today he wrote:

The main problem is that you have a sales page:


and then you want the user to buy through /accounts/?membership_id=81

and then be redirected to /accounts/

The problem is that sometimes in that flow the user gets redirected to

/memberships/ which doesn’t work with the theme of the rest of the site.

So either you want a way to customize /memberships/, both HTML and CSS

or you need a way to redirect that page back to /pricing/ your sales


Can somebody help me? I just need some help getting this working. Below I have included all the documentation. Even within the sitemap I have included links (indicated by arrows) that link to the theme page I wanted. I’ve just been pasting shortcodes into some of the pages and widgets to see what happens. It hasn’t been going smoothly.

Let me know if you need more info. Any help will do as I plod away on this.




Assignment Brief: http://oc3.in/1P4u0q5

Sitemap: http://oc3.in/guru-sitemap

Theme: http://impreza.us-themes.com/