M2P Menu Protection not applying for Guest membership

Using Membership 2 Advanced menu protection, when viewing the menu as a guest (not logged in) the protected menu items are displaying.

Protection works perfectly fine for logged in users, & logged in members can only see menu items they have access to, but protection isn't working for guest users.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi JDA Learning,

    Hope you're doing well.

    I was doing some testing on my installation based on your setup and after activating all the add-ons that you have active on your site I was able to replicate the issue as well.
    It turns out that the cause of the issue is Multiple Memberships add-on and when I disable that on my installation the menu protection started working properly.

    I have created a bug report for our developers to investigate it further and check what's going on.

    However there's one more thing specific to your installation, I was unable to disable any of the add-ons you have as nothing happens when I try that.
    This is most likely due to some conflict on your site, can you check if you can enable/disable add-ons when other plugins are deactivated and default WP theme is used?

    Best regards,

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