m2pro – redirect error

Hi there,

please advice where and how to change m2pro redirect setting because new members aren’t able to register due to a HTTP405 error. I can assure you that I added the member levels at network admin level and protected-content is set at bestofthebestonly.org (main page) only.

Provider find out that the redirect loop of m2pro direct to a sub domain (aboutme) which is wrong as shown below:

Here is the error that I gound in the Apache Logs:

[Sat Oct 29 07:14:41.531225 2016] [core:error] [pid 29150:tid 139638016366336] [client] AH00124: Request exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects due to probable configuration error. Use ‘LimitInternalRecursion’ to increase the limit if necessary. Use ‘LogLevel debug’ to get a backtrace., referer: http://bestofthebestonly.org/join/membership-realm/protected-content/?redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2Faboutme.bestofthebestonly.org%2Fto-do-list%2Fthings-to-do%2F

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