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Hello, I have installed magazine 3.3 with the new child blog that does not show the BP navigations..
In the past I have included a few banners on the footer of the main blog and they show in the same exact place in the child blog when its set up, from the admin.

Now the same setup, is putting the banners in the header instead of the footer.
Though the original blog has them clearly displayed in the footer of the site.

and idea on how to fix that?

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya pt,

    How are you implementing the banners? Are you using one of our ad plugins or through manual code entry?

    If you're placing it in the code directly can you tell us where it's located in the code? If possible, I'll try to test it out on my own install and see if I can verify the issue.


  • ahab
    • Flash Drive

    Hi mAson
    Yes, I am just adding the code into the bottom of the page so its below the footer altogether and kind of out of site.. It looks fine on the main site. But the child theme displays the banners on top of the blog over the header.. this was working before in the previous version.

    The deletion of the BP menus was a great thing to do.. is there however some kind of way to have people join , the main site to have better access across the network? like a join plug in or something?

    also noticed the navigation is still broken in the top of the child theme and main blog theme..
    in the logged in member navigation when you drop down the list alot of the option are unselectable, becasue of the site navigation and the flash banner.
    This is getting a lot of complaints from members of the site..
    any kind of fix for that?

    Same happens in profiles..
    i Have BP Album installed and the photos come up over the new navigation style.
    They were previously in the sidebar, and it all fit, but with the slught change in design none of it fits anymore. the navigation appears under the photos.

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @ptsupport: If you have the buddypress admin bar on you have no issue that is a persistent navigation throughout all sites on your network. Try removing all plugins and see if you get the issue I think it's plugins and the flash I assume you've added to your site as that if added wrongly would be causing issues. Try the theme without any modifications or plugins see if the issue and if not build back up - always the best advice.

  • ahab
    • Flash Drive

    @mason OK re-added the footer plugin which was not working in previous versions of the theme for me, *works now* all the blogs have the appropriate banners showing across network in the bottom.

    @tammie - I think youre talking about the navigation issue where the menu drops down over the flash tahts installed in the theme.. this happens regardeless of there being plugins or modifications to the theme. The issue is the admin menu dropping down over the template theme navigation and built in flash.
    Can we get some kind of fix for this?

    This used to happen to me when i used joomla (years ago) and there was a fix for that.. it was because of the png dropping over anohter png + flash. Which all exist in the template straight out of the box with no additional changes.

    Also what about some kind of join plug in so that people who have sub blogs can have a join button that leads them to the main join or registers them at the main blog which then obviously by default make them a member of all blogs becasue they are a member of the overall community.

    The navigation fix is good, but its and easy answer to a much bigger problem.
    Now, anyone that has a sub blog on the network cant have members to their blog?
    and theres no join for the main blog? how does this work?

    there is nothing flash at our site that is added wrong.
    The only flash we use is a wordpress compatible flowplayer plugin
    which i have found to be the ONLY useful flash plugin available
    and does not cause issues with pages, as I have checked
    cross browser compatibility.

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @ptsupport: No you need to look how you are calling the flash usually flash is the top layer unless you do work around it. I highly doubt any theme unless the theme itself placed flash had a built in solution for this as you're adding something to the theme so lets not go that route. Up to you if you want to use a join plugin or request for one we can only advise. Personally I think loading your site with flash is a hugely bad idea in this day and age of non flash and html 5 video but it's up to your preference. I don't even use flash on anything anymore myself. Flash will always cause issues with precedence and DOM no matter what or how you use it you'd have to code around it.

  • ahab
    • Flash Drive

    you can only advise as to how the theme breaks a feature as simple as membership to a basic blog?
    This seems like something that the theme creator (you) should have thought of before selling the theme.
    And me bringing it up is a complaint about a purchased product which leaves out a fundamental basic function of wordpress itself which is the foundation of the product and should therefore include this function. Not simply work around it due to the scope of the job of actually fixing the issue of network wide joins. So you just delete it?

    Why do I sense that you're making alot of money from charging people a monthly membership for "support" when in reallity we are all paying for a THIS DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY AND I PAID FOR THIS board.

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @ptsupport: I never deleted anything what are you on about? My comment was about flash. How is our theme breaking membership? Sorry what you are saying seems a huge over-reaction and not relating to our discussion. You've never got anything apart from top level support in these forums lets not go down the route of claiming otherwise.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    @ptsupport If you have an issue with support your best bet is to use the contact form.

    A quick read through of this thread shows Tammie has provided the best support possible given the information she had to work on. You're final response here is rude and completely inappropriate. You've been warned previously:

    No one here deletes posts or threads, however, we do close them. And that's what's happening here.

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