Magazine theme error - please help!


I have just joined up on here to purchase the magazine theme and i have been getting some problems.
I have now disabled all plugins only buddypress is running, magazine child theme is activated and the parent theme and child theme are both in the same folder.

When i go to theme options and change settings such as how many images to show in slider or how many posts on the front page everything vanishes. No posts no images no slider, the only thing that shows up is the welcome text. When i hit reset in the theme options to bring it back to standard settings i get images and posts but no welcome text and the slider does not alternate images just stays on one image.

You can view the problem here, all i have done here is change how many images to show in the slide i selected 4 and now it shows nothing and changed the background color. Could i please get some help thanks!!!

Also i cant get the member area to use the magazine theme layout, it wont show up in BuddyPress generated drop down it wont show the theme there for me to select.

  • minihux

    Hello, sorry for double topic it sent me to error page so i done it again.
    I also have buddypress 1.1.3.

    Anyway i have renamed the folder etc as you asked, memerber theme is now working but still if i make any changes in the theme options im still getting no pages showing and the slider wont show along with any images or posts and the drop down menu stops working also.

    If i reset it the welcome text wont show but the images will and posts but still slider wont work.

    I have reset it as you can view it here, images working but no slider working and not welcome text it has vanished.

  • Tammie

    @minihux: You seem to have under options turned off the slideshow as I see in the code it's showing what is seen if you set that or it is set to don't show. If you go under appearance > theme options you need to select show slideshow and also the category for that. You also have not selected a preset style if you go under appearance > preset style you can pick one there and that should resolve the visual issues. Beyond that there are no existing issues with the problems you are reporting so if you could try that then let me know that would be great.

  • minihux

    I have selected preset style now, which sort defeats the purpose of having the theme options because i dont want a preset style i want colors that i choose.

    I have also selected the slide show to show "random" as the images and its gone into the same problems it was having before.

    Even with just the preset option selected and not touching theme options the welcome text does not show. The below screenshot is an image of preset color and not changing anything in options, but i still get no welcome text.

    But i want to be able to change anything i want in theme options hence why i paid the money to join up here to get a nice trouble free template so could you please assist me to fix the problem, i think it might be something i have done or maybe i have not done correct but i have followed all the instructions so im unsure.

    Also when i go to edit the theme options i do select the default style before i edit any options like it asks you to.

  • Tammie

    @minihux hmm if you are getting it on any theme I do think it's your set up somehow. Are you placing the files under wp-content/themename where themename is the theme's name? I did try and have a look at your site but see a install page for wordpress mu. Are you reinstalling if so then if you can let me know whether that resolves it. I think it has something to do with your site setup but can't see currently as only get the install page. We will get it working for you it's just a matter of eliminating the problems to find the one it is so please bare with us while we assist you.

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