Magazine theme installed: not showing up in my theme dashboard - urgent help hoped for

I've been working in regular WordPress for years, have built simple bilingual sites, but I must admit that working with the WPMUDev themes and plugins is not coming easily.

I'm running WordPressmu installed by my host, WPWebhost. I've installed BuddyPress. I use Transmit for ftp.

Problem: Theme doesn't show up (please see screenshots)
a. Magazine Theme: Magazine & Child themes are installed in Themes.
b. Update notifications php is installed in mu-plugins

The theme doesn't come up in my Theme dashboard.
c. Theme Dashboard - I put in Suffusion just to see if a non-WPMU theme works, and it works fine.

Does anyone have any idea at all what I am doing wrong? It's especially frustrating because I need to get this done today, and other non-WPMU themes work fine.