Magazine theme questions

Hello, ok i have installed this on latest wpmu with buddypress.

First off are there any guides or howto for this theme?

Issues and questions so far.

The drop down menus do not work on home page, but if i go to another page such as my 'About' page then they do?

However even then the Magazine menu just shows 'no categories' i do have categories so why don't they show?

Also i have an Info Page with sub pages, the info page link shows on menu bar but the sub pages do not display as drop down?

Also is the home page fixed? as in can i add or remove widgets?

Also when i add widget they do not seem to appear on any pages?


  • Tammie

    @carpconnect: I'll go through each one a bit here for you:

    1. The drop down menus will pull all blog categories for your main blog through automatically. Is this not happening? I am unsure why it wouldn't be showing up for you they should show under the drop down named Magazine.
    2. Pages will not work for sub pages / drop downs unless you add code it will just show the top pages linking in the menu bar.
    3. The home page featured and post area is fixed you can add widgets / remove widgets in the home sidebar.
    4. I'm unsure what you mean about widgets not appearing on any pages - there are several widgitised areas for blog, home page, 404 page if you have a look under widgets you will see them all listed. They all will be in the sidebar.

  • Tammie

    @carpconnect: No there are a variety of sidebars that you can put widgets in just see under widgets you'll see a lot of areas listed. Off top of my head home, index, 404, page all have sidebars you can have different widgets in.

    There is no how to about creating a drop down of pages however this point was gone through on a post on this forum:

    How to change what drops down from the top menu pages

    You can adapt the same concept to make a drop down of pages if that is what you require using along with a loop. You'd want to add your custom call in header.php by copying that page into your child theme to future proof yourself then just add the code where you see:

    <?php wp_list_pages('title_li=&depth=1'); ?>

    For example the custom code to get a drop down of categories is:

    <?php _e( 'Magazine', 'bp_magazine' ) ?>

    <?php wp_list_categories('orderby=name&title_li=');
    $this_category = get_category($cat);
    if (get_categories($thiscategory->cat_ID) != "") {



    Hope that helps.

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