Magazine Theme - where is the PDF Manual???


We're having a few issues with customizing the theme and would really like to get our hands on the PDF manual that you refer to on your site. We've looked everywhere to no avail! It would be so much easier all around if you could send us the link to this file, so that we do not have to ask you a bunch of stupid questions.

In the event that there is no PDF manual for the Magazine theme can you please answer the following questions:

1. Within our multisite setup we would like to customize the Magazine theme at the network admin level, so that all of our subsites are automatically consistent in appearance. It was suggested that we edit the main CSS page of the theme, but whenever I look up 'styles.css' within the theme folder there is no specific styling information present. So, WHERE is it located or is there a better way to do it? Just warning you that I am fairly new to WordPress so your explanations will have to be thorough.

2. I don't see a location in the theme where I can upload pictures for the slide show on the main page. It says that there is a slideshow on the main page of the theme, but the 'Media' section does not provide me with the option to upload images to a slideshow.

3. On the subject of media, I no longer seem to have the ability to upload audio/video files (I could do this with one of your competitor's themes with relative ease).

4. How do I change the maximum file size in the media upload area - this too is limited now to 1MB since changing to your theme.