Magazine Theme


I have just joined here and just downloaded the magazine theme i have disable all plugins all other themes i have only the magazine child theme activated but when ever i change anything in its them optiont such as image size or how many images to display in slide show i get errors.

Once i hit reset it goes back to normal but down not show any welcome text, once i modifiy the options page it does not show any images or post but shows the welcome text. Also when i hit reset and dont modify anything the slide show does not work it just shows one image.

You can view the problem here, currently i have changed the option of wanting 4 images to display in the slide show but as you can see it not showing anything only the welcome text.

To get this problem all i did was change how many images i want in the slideshow and now it does not show anything on the front pagem some help would be appreciated thank you.

I have inlcuded an image of what it looks like once i hit reset.