magnific.js conflict with Ignition Deck


I’m having trouble with my IgnitionDeck plugin and I got this response from their support team:

Hi Raymond,

We have forcibly activated the plugins for you so they are now working; however, you will likely still have some issues particularly on the payment gateway because there is a conflict with your theme.

The activation module and the lightbox that we use to select the reward levels on the projects prior to the checkout form, both use the magnific.js for the popup. Your theme also uses the magnific.js. Both the theme and plugins have this script. Only one version is loaded which is good; however, the theme’s version is the one loaded and it is an old version. As a result, functionality breaks. The theme version is 0.9.3 and our version is 0.9.9. You need to get your theme developer to update the version in your theme to eliminate the conflict occurring here.

Could you tell me how I could update this in my Fixer theme? Thanks!