mailchimp API is in but newsletter sign up still not working

1. ME:
Hi. I am not a developer by any means but I have created several wordpress sites in the past and understand some basic html. I don't touch CSS - frankly it's stressful and scary and the two times I tried it had to have my site restored from a backup. This is to say I can understand instructions if they are clear.

To put it in a nutshell their support attempts through the several tickets have helped me get pretty much nowhere with the issues I am having.

3. $:
I cannot afford to hire a developer.

Perhaps WPMUDEV can help me get on track. We will soon see.

Username: -----
Password: -----
(Available on request should need you to see the back end)


I set up a mail chimp account and put the API key in the newsletter settings in the toolbar under "Philanthropy"

However, when attempting to sign up for the newsletter on the homepage, it still does not work

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hey Jacoby!

    I'm not familiar with "Philantropy" theme and its specific settings, so I'm not quite sure how this integration is supposed to work. However, I tried to subscribe to your site via the form on your homepage and it says I did it successfully. I have also received confirmation e-mail asking me to activate subscription (which I did not though). So, this seems to be working fine now.

    Next, I went to you dashboard's "Philantropy" -> "Newsletter" page and used "Fetch email" button - it did fetched nearly 1500 mail addresses that, I suppose, were already on your list.

    The bottom line is I think it's working. It's possible that my previous changes affected this, however I may be missing something here. If you feel that I indeed do, please let me know!


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hey Jacoby!

    Hmm, perhaps it's because I tried to add an email it already had at mail chimp.

    This is quite possible :slight_smile: It's good that it's working now!

    Do you know how I can darken the text color in that newsletter sign up box? When you are typing the email in there you can hardly even see it.

    In your dasbhoard, please go to the "Appearance" -> "Edit CSS" page and put the following line there:

    #newsletter {color:#000000;}

    Place it please below any content that's already there and save. It will make the text black and easily readable.


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