Mailchimp integration with wordpress

Hello, i've installed the plugin and works perfectly.

I wanted to know, if it was posible to use this plugin as activation for the user in the wordpress too, because it does erase the user if he/she unsubcribes from the list, but using opt in if they do not click subscribe, this feature won't work.

Any ideas?

  • Vaughan

    Hi alex,

    Hope you're well?

    When you say activation, do you mean you want the activation email that users receive when they register on your site to be sent from mailchimp?

    Or do you mean, you want to treat the opt in email, so when a user clicks the optin email link, it will also act as the activation email and activate their wp account?

    if that's so, then I don't think this is possible with the plugin, it only adds the registered user to a mailchimp mailing list only.

    Hope this helps

  • alex

    Hey mate, second is what i meant.

    But don't worry i think i found a solution, i added a field to the mailchimp form to require a password, modified the plugin to merge this field into the wordpres when the new user its created. So when the second mailchimp email comes in with the information about the subscription it comes with the user password too, which is great because now i can add extra info into the mailchimp email to tell the user this is the pass they are going to use.

    Thanks anyway!!

  • Vaughan

    Hi Alex,

    It sounds like you may have some custom fields in your mailchimp list that are marked as "Required". If you have the default MailChimp settings, then you won't have to change anything. However, if you have added any custom fields to your list, you need to uncheck any "required" fields you have on your account. Otherwise, they will not post to MailChimp.

    To complete this you need to login to your account (, go to "Lists" on the top. Go to "Settings" => "List Fields and Merge Tags". Uncheck any custom fields you have created (i.e., anything besides Email, First Name and Last Name). Click "Save" and then it's good.

    Hope this helps

  • alex

    Hey mate! thanks again for the support.

    But actually i do not have a problem with the field, it is being sent correctly to the mailchimp. I have a field called MMERGE3 and MMERGE4 both are being sent alright, but only MMERGE3 is showing that error for me, and it bugs me.

    Only thing i did different, is that MMERGE4 is a field i made to request a password, a password that i being stored in the user->user_pass, but the MMERGE3 is not being used in the wordpress only being sent to the mailchimp... wonder if that is why the error is showing.

    What do you think?

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