MailChimp Newsletter Integration


Thank you for all of your wonderful work. It's a might contribution.

I just downloaded and began using the MailChimp Newsletter Integration plugin.

I have several blogs under my WPMU installaton Some of them include:

I also have several lists in my Mailchimp Account. Some of them include:

Aja Monet's List
Embassy MVMT Lists
Rebel Diaz's Lists

I would love to be able to use this plugin for each one of the subblogs in my WPMU.

Before I found this plugin, I was using Mailchimp for Wordpress, which was severely conflicting with my JQuery in MU, and causing all types of errors.

I envisioned the MailChimp Newsletter Integration helping, but it only works for the main installation, rather than each of the sub blogs under

Please advise

In appreciation for your work.

-Rolando Brown
Father, Poet, Chief Cultivator of MVMT