MailChimp plugin - Subscriber confirm

I have the MailChimp plugin setup and have entered the API info and everything syncs fine. My plan was that everytime someone subscribed (using Membership and PayPal) that that user would go into the database and to MailChimp -- which it is doing. Then I would be able to send out emails when I wanted using MailChimp.

The issue I am having is that once someone signs up (regardless of if they have paid yet) for the WordPress membership part, they are no longer getting the WP generated email that has username/password and link to login. Just that generic email. It is now sending them something from MailChimp. I cannot seem to find anywhere in MailChimp where the is generated.

So my question is twofold, if the MailChimp email automatically generates, where can I find it to customize. If it can be avoided and just use the basic WP generated email that was there BEFORE I installed the plugin, how can I make this happen?