Mailster plugin not sending emails

I'm using Mailster plugin to send newsletters to the subscribers. I have configured SMTP via Branda. Test email works but Newsletters emails are not being sent.

  • Adam Czajczyk
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    Hello Haejin

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The Branda plugin doesn't have much to do here, nor as a help neither as culprit, because the Mailster plugin seems to "do its own thing" - not really caring about what's set in WP.

    I'm not much familiar with it and I don't have any access to it as it's a 3rd-party premium tool but I was able to find a problem with its SMTP configuration and that part seems fixed. There was a wrong port number set and the plugin, unfortunately, wasn't giving any reasonable error message.

    The plugin set in Mailster SMTP configuration was 465 while apparently the one that works is 587. Once I set it this way, the test mails from Mailster were sent and, I believe, delivered. Two of them should go to your e-mail defined in plugin so please check it to confirm. One of them went to my e-mail and I did receive it. That part seems to be solved then.

    However, I'm still not quite sure if it will work - please test if you can. The part I'm uncertain of is some "cron lock" issue reported by the plugin on "Settings -> Newsletter -> Cron" page. It "complains" about the "cron lock" being "stuck" and that seems to happen regardless whether the "Cron Lock" option is set to "File based" or "Database". But I've reset it and left set as "File based" and let's see if that works.

    If not, then you might need to get in touch with plugin developers asking them if they can help with that "Cron Lock" thing as the SMTP configuration part is already solved.

    Kind regards,

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