Main landing page one theme/template, all other pages another theme/template

Hey gang. Loving marketpress so far and my site is coming along. i hope to share it with you soon!
So first off, "Subject: (the more detail, the better!)" always throws me for a loop. Im not good at being detailed in a few sentences so my words end up sounding like a 4th grader (no offense to you 4th graders out there).

Anyway. Im using marketpress, obviously, to enable people to join the network and instantly start their own store to sell their digital downloads.

Im new to marketpress so if this doesnt make sense, or if it's something simple im overlooking, forgive me.

I want the Homepage/landing page ( To have a certain template: consisting of certain elements, eg: Links to FAQ, Features, benefits, pricing, signup, etc.. Ill have the main welcome text, and some information about the site, and maybe even a sidebar with *some* (very subtle) popular network/global products. This is the only unique layout (the homepage of the network).

All that being said: i then want all the other stores ( (user stores) to follow a different layout, but the same with each other, essentially: About the store, products, add to cart, description, etc (the default MP layout).

So, to recap, i want the root domain landing page to be informative about the whole "network", and the stores to be specific about the store.

For example: - that is informative about the entire network and how to join/benefits, etc. - this is specifically about the store.

i want my landing pages and information links to have one specific layout that will never be repeated on any other store.

then the stores will all follow the same layout and template.
can anyone steer me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!