main site snapshot is not archiving files

I have snapshots set up for many user sites and my primary site, but I can't see new archives of my primary snapshot even when I click on "run now."

I have given support site access to

Can someone take a look?

Thanks, Joe.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi joe!

    I just ran several test snapshots:
    1. A basic snap with just database tables - successful
    2. A full snap - failed on plugins folder
    3. Partial snap, all folders except plugins, no database - successful
    4. Partial snap, just plugins folder - failed.

    This leads me to believe there's an issue with one or more of the plugins you have installed (but not necessarily activated.) Let's try a next level of testing.

    1. Go into your site through FTP and temporarily rename your plugins folder to _plugins.
    2. Create a new directory called plugins
    3. Copy half of your plugins into that folder, run a snapshot just for the plugins folder, see if it completes. If it does, replace that half of your plugins with the other half. Once you find the half that causes Snapshot to fail, remove half of those and test again. Repeat until you find the culprit.

    Alternately, if you don't need to regularly back up your plugins folder, you could exclude that folder from your Snapshots of the main site.

    Hope this helps!

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