Maintaining sidebar in dynamically created MarketPress category pages

Hi folks! Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but I searched and could not find a specific solution for my issue. I have been testing out MarketPress and am looking to migrate my online store to the MarketPress platform. While I have been able to maintain my columns and sidebar with the custom posts products, my categories are all in a one column layout. From looking at the gridmarket theme I see it is possible to alter this layout but I do not see how the page can be directly edited. I've a small amount of html and css experience but I would appreciate it if someone could give me a little guidance so I don;t break any functionality. If it helps, here is the single product page that has the layout I would like for my category page" target="_blank"> and here is what I have currently in my category page" target="_blank"> Thanks for your time!

  • Mason

    Hiya cficara,

    No worries. I'm taking a look at your site now. :slight_smile:

    In a normal WordPress theme, you'd simply copy most of the contents of your single or single-product.php file and place them in your categories.php file - the only part you would keep would be the loop for categories.

    I think that the headway framework handles things a bit differently and I'm not sure the best way to go about modifying the theme - Regardless, my hunch is that you're not looking at just some basic html/css changes, but complete overwriting of functions so get the display to be similar.

    Anybody else here have more experience with the headway theme and could provide some insight?


  • cficara

    Thanks for looking at the site for me. Sorry I neglected to include the fact that I was using Headway. I'm sort of a rookie at WP. From what I can see, if you put content and information into a new page in the WP page editor, that gets put into an initial content container when you use the Headway Visual Editor. The container, called a leaf, can have text or code. Things like sidebars are added via drag-and-drop in the visual editor but do not show up if you actually edit the page in the WP editor. One somewhat crude workaround I've worked out is to create your own category page in the WP editor. Use the product list MarketPress short code (love these!) [mp_list_products paginate="true" page="1" per_page="10" order_by="price" order="DESC" category="category-name"] as your content in the WP editor. Once you save this and edit the page in the Visual Editor your product list is in a container that can be resized and moved to whatever part of the page you like. Sidebars and other content can be added as you desire. Drawbacks I've found:
    1. You have to to create a custom menu with the created pages rather than being able to make a custom menu with the product categories.
    2. In the individual product pages, the category links at the bottom will still take you back to the dynamically created category pages without the sidebars and formatting of your theme.
    3. Pagination doesn't seem to work with this method. I assume you could manually create as many pages as you need, display links for each beneath the short code and simply change the short code on each one by changing the 'page=x' variable.

    I hope this helps anyone else using Headway and MarketPress together. If you have any other tips on a way to make this a little more elegant I would appreciate it! I am really enjoying working with MarketPress and look forward to digging and learning more. Thanks for your time!

  • DavidM

    Hi cficara,

    Unfortunately, I believe this has to do with the fact that Headway doesn't currently support custom taxonomies per se. It supports custom post types and is awesome at providing a page for each single custom post type. And I believe it falls back to the category archive for taxonomies, but I'll have to double check that.

    On that note, is it the Category Archives page you're working with here?

    Also, I don't believe the Gallery Leaf has been updated in a while, so I don't think it has the ability to display custom post types (thus MarketPress 'product' custom post type wouldn't work).

    Though I've used the Excerpts+ Leaf to generate a grid display myself. The only thing is that it currently doesn't seem to support custom taxonomies as well.

    I'll check on a couple things with this but could you let us know if it's the Category Archives you're trying to edit the layout/styling of here?


  • cficara

    Thanks for looking into this, DavidM. I did attempt to use the category archives as it seemed the logical place to edit that I could see. There was no change to the product list pages. If I could just figure out what fall back page it uses for styling I think I would have the problem licked. I appreciate all of the investigating you all are doing on my behalf. I will keep digging as well. Even when I don't find the solution I still seem to be learning things about

  • cficara

    I also had a permalinks snafu and now that it has been corrected the correct links for the examples I need help with are

    The page I am trying to figure out how to style with Headway-

    The example for how I would like it to look on a page I was able to style with Headway-

    Thanks in advance for anyone who may be able to take a crack at this!

    Christian Ficara

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