Maintaining Subdomains off Network While Mapping Main Domain Name

So I've created a network on another one of my sites ( I'm wanting to transfer and setup a separate website ( as a subsite on the network. I've read that I can use the Domain Mapping plugin. I currently also have several other subdomains (separate websites) setup on the domain name. My question is will I be able to keep the subdomains independent of the network if I map the primary domain name to the network.

This may be a question for my hosting provider (cloudways) instead of you all, but since the plugin that does the domain mapping is through WPMU Dev, I thought I'd ask here first.
For what it's worth, all sites in question are currently being hosted on the same server/IP address. I will probably create a similar ticket at my hosting provider, but I just wanted to touch base here to check to see if this is possible.

So to illustrate, I have our company's main site as We have multiple subdomain sites, like (a wiki site) and (a separate WPCommerce site that is soon to be closed down.) I want to migrate the main site ( into the network that is already installed. If I use Domain Mapping to accomplish this, will my subdomain website still be independent?

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Brent,

    Hope you're doing well :slight_smile:

    If you're using same server/ip for all these sites then pointing your to folder should do the trick here.
    Once you have that configured and Domain Mapping installed you can map to the subsite of your network.

    And this shouldn't have any effect on the separate installations that are running as subdomains of

    I have a similar hosting setup for testing, where bunch of subdomain sites are running and I tested changing the folder of top level domain and it didn't mess up any of the subdomain sites.
    So based of these you shouldn't have any issues, however I still recommend discussing this with your host as well so you can be sure it will not affect anything.

    All that Domain Mapping requires is that your domain is pointing to your root folder and that change shouldn't affect subdomain sites as they are all pointing to their own folders.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

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