MAJOR BUG in Classifieds AND Directory Plugins

There is a major bug in your Classifieds (AND Directory – it has the exact same problem) plugin.

When viewing the Classifieds page which lists classifieds, any other element that displays post titles shows all post titles as “Classifieds” instead of the actual post title.

You can see this live here:

The page shows the five dummy posts just fine. Then go to the classifieds page:

It doesn’t matter whether you have actual classifieds or not (this is happening on my clients live news site which is where I first discovered it).

I’ve given you Support Access through the WPMU DEV Support Dashboard.

To reproduce the bug, just do the following:

– create a new wordpress installation

– apply the default 2015 theme

– create a few dummy blog posts with different titles

– make sure you have a “Recent Posts” widget in the sidebar

– install and activate your Classifieds plugin

– go to the Classifieds page

– the Recent Posts widget will show “Classifieds” for every post title.

FYI: This exact same problem happens with Directory too, so whatever you figure out for a solution, you need to fix it in Directory as well and get updates out ASAP. I have a live site using Membership Pro 2 with Classifieds and Directory displaying this huge bug to actual members.


PS you have another member who reported the same problem in 2012. I am surprised it it’s still a bug 3 years later.