Major Bug with Pro Sites version

Hi guys, So for the past few weeks/ month or 2 i've been having issues with Pro Sites.
I've spent weeks doing reinstalls thinking it was my error...

THE ISSUE: Users get a free trial of the Pro level. After this they revert to the FREE level. Problem, it didn't revert to the Free Level. Even manually Removing their Pro Sites Status did NOT work. They still had all PRO features (premium plugins, themes, upload space etc. etc.)
There was no way for me to change their site to the Free (non Pro Site) status.

This meant that, a user could pay for 1 month of PRO and then cancel payment but still get all of the features for potentially ever.

What FIXED the issue.

I paid for a shared server thinking that it could be something to do with my VPS setup on DO... nope...
Then i downgraded to version 3.3.4 Pro Sites . And INSTANTLY, everything worked as it should.

Obviously there is a BIG bug here with Pro Sites.
All of these tests were done on a 100% fresh multisite 3.8.1 install today with no added themes or plugins other than Pro Sites and WPMU DEV dashboard.

This was tested on both Subdomain and Subfolder Multisite installs.

Word of warning to everyone, Check your multisites for users getting a 'free ride'

EDIT** - I've now gone and tested each version of Pro Sites. These are the version that are plagued with the issue.

3.4.3 is the latest version that is working