major customization to each blog with in network….

My pricing levels…

FREE = a couple themes and a couple plugins

$$ / yr = all themes, all plugins, domain mapping, ads free etc etc

$$$$ hard coding done to do major customizations

i know i can have option 1 and two with in the network and if they want major customization’s done i move their blog off the network and and just do a single WP install for their custom design.

How would i set it up to keep the custom designed site on the network?

  • thinkmarketact
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    custom plugins… i thought most plugins wont work on WPMU… are you saying i can install almost any plugin in to WPMU, i just cant activate it network wide?

    i figured out how to add a theme to one person but not so lucky with plugins.

    the custom themes….some will be custom custom but others will be a bunch of minor edits to a theme i include network wide.

    if one person wants blue.css

    if one person wants red.css

    of pme [erspm wants 50% wide header

    i just rename the theme and upload it 3 times and assign blue.css to blue user ?

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Each plugin is different and you should check the installation and use instructions to see how it can be used in a Multisite network.

    You can use this plugin from our very own Aaron to control access to plugins by sub-sites:

    i just rename the theme and upload it 3 times and assign blue.css to blue user ?

    Yep, or you could provide theme options so that sub-sites use the same theme with their own individual settings.


  • antKat
    • HummingBird

    Based on what you are describing, you should be able to activate plugins and themes on a site by site basis within the network. You upload to the wp-content/plugins directory, but rather than activating it in the network, you will only activate in each of the sites you want it activated from the site’s dashboard. Any plugin that has been uploaded but not activated network-wide will be available in the site’s available plugins. It works the same way for themes.

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