Major issue with plugin

Hello, I am really annoyed that my questions were ignored.

The developer saw my questions and saw Kimberly asking for a second time for an answer.

The first answer the developer gave answered #4. He had to be pushed to give another answer and 9 hours later he answered #1 and #2, confirming that he had seen my message, but entirely ignoring #3. I log on this morning hoping to have an answer, but instead, you want me to open a new ticket to get an answer to this.

I understand why you would want a new thread opened, but had the thread been addressed properly, it would not have had so many answers and would have already been resolved without the need to open a new thread.

This issue has already been tested by Kimberly in the old ticket.

This is the core issue that I am experiencing at the moment:

Images within all posts are not displaying. Instead, the name of the image is displayed. It seems to be rewriting the address of the image and using the /downloads/ folder.

All posts are effected and no images were protected.

No membership levels have any protection added.

Do I need to add any protection when I do not want anything to be protected? It seems odd that images are being protected when the plugin was not instructed to do so.

In the last reply I got from masonjames he said he could see all of the images within posts as a visitor. Yet when I check (or any of my staff check) there are no images within posts and the issue is exactly the same as when Kimberly was testing it for me and finding the same issues on her install.

This is the post I have been using to test. All the others are identical.

Do you want me to copy and paste all the other answers from the old thread?

If there is anything you need from me, please let me know so that I can supply it.