Theme configuration with lightboxes

Hello everyone!

I only downloaded and installed the Farms 133 theme pack (not all, but most of the themes). Reading around in the forum I also noticed the issues that other members had. But I didn’t see anyone mentioning the following:

Almost none of the themes work with most of the available Lightbox, Slimbox, galleries, Fancybox, Colorbox, etc. plugins.

Plugins like: Easy FancyBox, FancyBox for WordPress, Fancyboxify, Fancy Gallery, Flexible Lightbox, jQuery Colorbox, Lightbox 3, wp-jquery-lightbox, and plenty more.

I have tested a great majority of the themes, in two different multisite installations (a fresh and an existing one) in different domains. I always get the same results. They simply don’t work.

I even uploaded (in the fresh installation) and exchanged your themes with the original ones (like Mandigo, Tarski, Mystique, Kubrick, Magazeen, and more) and those work fine.

So it must be something at your end.

As you understand (if this is true) – since (I believe) almost everybody in our days use some kind of Lightbox – this can be a major issue.

I wonder why no one else has mentioned this so far. Could it be just me (I doubt it).

Can you please see to that?

Thank you