MAJOR SYSTEM ERROR with Subscriptions by Email

Subsribe by email has a caused a major error deleting all content (Pages, posts, courses and media) on my site.

The issue occurred when I went to set up Subscribe by email and checked the existing subscriptions page.

This Subscriptions page listed all actions on the site. You can see this by adding a new media, item, page, post, course or project to the current site. You will see it gets added as a subscription to this list - see

I manually (using the drop box bulk edit feature) cancelled these subscriptions and without any warning all content has been deleted from my site.

Only woocommerce products have survived.

I would like to recover the lost content if possible but i also need to resolve this issue with new content being added as subscriptions before i can disable the subscriptions plugin.

I lost a lot of content but i can put it back manually... But this is a potential nightmare for other users and should be a top priority to resolve.