Make a link in "about me" box that pops-up when moused over a avatar.

Happy new year first of all.
Using this plugin I have mini profile pop ups when people mouse over a member avatar.
First of alll guys. THAT IS AWESOME!

One thing is either missing or needs to be added for me - the ability to have clickable links show.

I have no screenshot for you, but if you go to, on the right is my new members list. If you mouseover my photo, you'll see my site is listed as "" but the actual link can't be clicked.

So how could I make it so that that people could click that.

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    Cool.... because you know.... that would really be.
    I plan that many of my users will also be active members of my site. So someone can actually be on their site and other member sites while always having network access. I think this feature would make them feel like even though their site is their own, it "can" always part of the network....
    This also would help any active user in the network get free traffic for their own site, which would encourage participation as well as the "work on my site" feeling.
    Hope that helps you understand where I am coming from and helps the case to update the plugin.

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