Make a separate plugin with payment gateways so you can use with all other plugins that use payments

There are tons of payment gateways out there. Is it not possible to develop them once and then add them to every single plugin where a payment is needed. Maybe you can put them in a payment plugin, this would save a lot of extra work and would make all the payment gateways instantly available for every new plugin.

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  • Sean Johnson
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I was just about to post this same suggestion and then decided to be a good boy and search for it! We definitely need a generic payment gateway plugin.

    I've got to second this. It just drives me crazy... I get super excited reading each of your plugins' features and benefits pages and I too often get let down when I see that paypal is the only way to get paid. Paypal just has too bad of a reputation to many business people, such an amateur connotation. It just doesn't say "first class" - it's good for the startup, but not established businesses.

    Easy for me to say, I know - please forgive me, but if I were WPMUDEV - I would at-least make a connector/bridge plugin to marketpress for all plugins that facilitate purchases - It's robust enough and gives so many more features/reporting that any business would want! You could put an option in each plugin to "enable for MarketPress" and this would turn off the built in gateways and force marketpress to handle the transaction and products/services management for appointments, directory, classifieds, prosites, membership etc... It may not be too feasible at first, but at-least make some kind standard for future development.

    Consistency across your plugins is generally great, one area that is exceptionally bad is payment gateways.

    For example, I was pumped about the new appointments plugin started making calls to friends and potential clients... everything is golden until they get down to accepting deposits. Think about it, you are targeting professional services who have brick and mortar locations - nearly all of them have a merchant account through a local bank (who offer WAY better rate than paypal's 2.5 to 3% per transaction fees)... how much more powerful will it be to allow them to not have to manage another merchant.

    Sorry for sounding off, I can't thank the developers and the community enough - you have great people and products - keep up the great work.

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