make appointment with specific service provider

I am using appointments + and the special jude rosario plugin from git hub
The way my site is set up is that users search for a mentor and find them via a bp profile search plugin
When they get to the users bp extended profile - there is a tab called book an appointment - when the user clicks on it the get a list of users etc but no calendar etc and nothing about booking an appointment

when the user clicks on the book an appointment tab I want the user to be able to book an appointment with the particular service provider they found via the search and whose profile they are looking at

Please help and if possible please bring Jude into this thread - he more or less wrote the github plugin because our his back and forth with me

I really appreciate your help and would like to FINALLY get appointments plus running with my buddypress the way it should

thank you
I have granted access - feel free to do whatever you need