Make courses available for one time payment and also to memberships

I have a website where people can buy courses or sign up for a membership to get them for free but when you try to enroll in a course and you aren’t signed in to the website it redirects you to the login screen before it bills you for the course.

So I had to create a “free” membership level to allow people to make an account so they can log in so they can buy the course, but now people are signing up for the free account and not buying anything.

So I want to go back to only having three membership levels to choose from and they all cost money (and remove the free membership). But I’d like to still allow users to buy a course individually without needing to register for a membership.

Would it be possible to make a course available for any user, member or not, that buys it and also to all members that belong to certain membership(s)?

If so, I would also like that, when the users hits the “enroll now” button on the course page, I want them to get taken to the shopping cart with the course in there for $99.99 and to display a popup saying “WAIT, you can get ALL of our courses for just $34/mo!” on the cart screen or checkout.

Unless they are logged in, or course, then it should just let them enroll :slight_smile:

Would this be possible?

  • Adam Czajczyk
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    Hi Andy

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    You should be able to achieve similar goal but it would require some “tricks”. One of the ways would be to do it as follows:

    – keep the free membership on site along with the paid ones

    – make a copy of each course and modify the way so one copy would be a paid course and another copy would actually be free to join

    – protect these paid copies with a free membership

    – protect free copies with a paid membership

    With that kind of setup user could sign up for a free membership and then such user would have to purchase the course (wouldn’t have access to that other “free” copy). If a user would sign up for a paid membership instead, it would give such user instant access to those “free” courses.

    Another way to do it would be to do it via memberships only. You would want to set all courses in CoursePress to be free so the plugin wouldn’t require users to pay for joining the course. Then you’d need a membership (e.g. could be recurring payment if you want to) that would be used to protect all the courses – this membership would give users access to all course (“pay $34/mo and get access to all courses) and any other content on your site that you wish to be “members only”.

    Then you’d need additional memberships: one membership for each course. Such membership could be “one time payment” memberships and you’d use them to protect only specific course. So, for example, if you have “course a”, “course b” and “course c” you could do it like this:

    – set (one time payment) memberships like “Course A student”, “Course B student” and “Course C student”

    – set (recurring payment) membership for a monthly subscription, e.g. “All courses access”

    – protect all three courses with “All courses access” membership

    – protect “Course A” course with “Course A student” membership, “Course B” course with “Course B student” membership and so on.

    In such case even though courses would “technically” be free nobody could enroll without making payment because user would have to sign up for a membership first. Depending on whether they sign up for e.g. “Course A Student” membership or for a recurring “All courses access” membership they’d get access to either “course A” course only or to all courses.

    Best regards,


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