Make Marketpress better

Hi MarketPress Staff,

Take a deep breath and read this ?

First: I adore Marketpress because:
- I’m not losing customers and money anymore with incomplete sales!
(believe me I lost a lot customers)
- My site is not crashing anymore after an update
- Great support

You have to know that my core business is to make beading tutorials and sell them. I don’t have huge traffic (just 400 visitors a day) but for me it is important. I’m building my own business and it’s growing but you can not buy everything in once. Still think that the economy is driven by the enormous amount of little companies and not by the few big ones.

One of the tools I need is shopping cart software. Why I have the impression that when you are using shopping cart software, you need to have knowledge about php, css, ftp and a lot of tools I never heard of before (Mozilla ftp client, Notepad ++, phpMyAdmin, I even learn to copy files using SSH) I learned a lot

It’s like: When you want to drive a car you have to be a mechanic!

When I’m reading posts on shopping cart forums, the balance between functionality and technique is gone. I want to contribute on this forum in functionality, to let you know what your customers want and make Marketpress better for all those little companies.
(Still have a lot of suggestions :slight_smile: ) and…

I want to be able to change a tire and check the oil!

This is my 2 year experience with on line sales:

1. Was using WordPress as a blog but no knowledge about shopping cart software.
2. Trying a lot shopping carts
3. Found a “free” solutions (without customers registrations)
4. Hee, it is possible to sell over the Internet!!
5. Producing more and started my marketing
6. Bought a “Gold cart” for better presentation
7. Business is growing
8. Shopping cart software is crashing after an update. No backup
9. No support from the builder of the software
10. Found other places like to sell my products
11. Started again with my own shop. Lost a lot of customers
12. After another update (I had a backup) the payment gateway was not working.
13. Again losing customers (money)
14. Trying to get support, was not working
15. Paying php experts to fix my problem, they did not succeed.
16. Made my own “work around” and was sending my digital products by email.
17. Customers not satisfied with my “workaround”
18. More then 100 products in my shop, not so easy to change the “shoppingcart”
19. Sick of all the problems, bought Marketpress because I could import the products.
20. Not working out of the box!
21. Missing functionality what I had in my old shopping cart.
22. Support forum is working great.
23. Tried different themes, but it changed to much the look and feel of my old shop
24. After a lot of testing and adjusting I went “live”
25. Payment and downloads are working great!
26. Customers are satisfied ( Did a promotion in combination with feedback)
27. Yes! It is really working!
28. The future;
Multi Sites
Market Place…….

Ok, my car is driving but the exhaust is still leaking a bit ?:slight_smile:

My conclusion:

1. Make Marketpress modular
2. First focus on all those little stores with a single site Marketpress what is really working out of the box. With optional grid view, multiple pictures on a single product page (you really need visual support to sell )and a css that is the same as the standard Wordpress theme. No headaches about the shopping cart, just selling your products!
3. Then all the other options like frame market multi site etc.

I k now that I am stubborn (when you know yourself, at least you know someone) and I really don’t care when people think that I don’t have enough skills to join this forum!
Also when I get an answer and I really don’t have a clue where you talking about. I will ask it again. For your info: Next month I will become a Pro member!

p.s. Was this the wrong place to post it?