Make multisite app clear and simple. Really simple app.

Hello wpmudev! Actually a few times i had join there, but never get a some precisious answer about my question from guys i talked, also a lot a people says that meybe wordpress isnt a best way to create custom solutions. About that we dont know how wp will working in some situations etc. But ocassionaly i can see a solution/templateOrtheme/plugin which i could use if i will, last time even more. But the... i think like ,even more people like me, the last think from wpmudev the Theme which absolutely change way of wp , really conviced me to try this way- i mean try to working with wp-multisite, You want to create something totally custom. I do not want fuss-straight combine. I have 3 questions. First: is any good way to completly disable the standard wordpress admin panel from user? Second Which is some related, if the first question sounds - Yes, than is any way or meybe someone did it yet. Create some simillar this i mean a feed and / some tools for control.Is possible to setup network with one center to all? From the HOME?Meybe someone did some looks like tumblr way? one newsfeed but no different admins for everyone? And the third is also ... related but the before answers doesnt matter there .. Anybody know they way to create central for every user on network? Of couse in the wp-multisite after new user join (get new site) is come on newly created site. But one pace Which everyone can remember is a center is a think and Iike. Even if everyone have a self-admin, is possible to setup one place eg. on the main-website where everyone have a links with he sites, and ability to make new one? I Know That Automattic shared a lot of stuff(like plugin, anybody of wpmudev worked with it or just the wmudev plugs? Ok enough for now. I hope someone gives me an interesting expression. greet

edit: sorry if anybody readed the text a few min agoo, i was write the text in 3 parts, but made mistake with pastin right parts. Know try to repair this unbelivable mess