Make my Directory site work like the demo


I’m liking Directory a lot and have decided to go with it for my client. Some questions to make it all work like the demo site:

1) The demo shows little pictures in the list: How is that done?

2) The demo won’t let people add stars unless they are logged in. My version seems to let anyone press stars over and over again, but just no written reviews without login. How do I fix this, or will this be fixed in the next beta?

3) How do I set the system up for more than one level – people who can post and people who can only review. It seems the systems signup only allows for one level, people who can list. I want some people to pay and others to be free. I only want the free ones to be able to rate the paid ones.

4) What happens with missed recurring payments? Is there any ping system, or should I ping via PayPal? Should I use the Membership Plugin to get more control and the members financial area?

5) Is there any way to “skin” the Listings and the User Profile. I’ve never been that thrilled with trying to get people to use the WordPress gears without my own comments and guidance.

6) How do you manage for total Listings allowed per user?

7) The most recent beta seems really great. What’s the lead time to closer on this version?

8) Is there anyone reading this who has the skills and would like to assist me with any custom development beyond these questions?


Mark Winstein