make new users automatically part of (x) group

Id like to make it so when a person joins my blog/site they are automatically assigned to a specified group. I can send newsletters to anyone whos NOT in a group, but they wont have the option to NOT receive news letters.

so by automatically assigning them to a default group this would allow them to UNsubscribe to that news letter…

  • DavidM
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    Hi mrmikeman,

    There’s not a way to do that currently except through coding something up to achieve that, but it’s a good idea. Hope you don’t mind my moving this to the feature suggestion forum to take a good look into.

    Anyone else looking to auto-add members to groups?


  • mrmikeman
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    dont mind at all… as i was submitting it i was thinking. err wrong place.. but my finger kept moving ..

    you know. for the purpose was saying that i would like this was to allow people currently NOT in a group to select to NOT receive anything

    i just dont want to make a person manually decide to join a group in order to get a newsletter, because that would involve to much “hoping they do that”

    i dont personally need more than one Group, which is everyone whos part registered on my blog, but everyones whos part of my blog would have to sign up, and then join a group.. a lot of people will join for other reasons and not want to get mail. so if theres some way to let a person whos NOT in a group, chose to never get mail, then thatll work to.. at least for the reasons i was thinking…

    it would need to be clear to the user that by leaving the group which they were enrolled in automatically is how the Unsubscribe..

    i talk a lot ahh!

  • Dimitri
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    In fact this feature is very important for multilanguage websites.

    I’d love to be able to activate a widget in french and affect users to a FRENCH group for users surfing on my French version and so on for all languages.

    I will have a least one group / Language

    Newsletters have to be send in user language.


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