Make Snapshot Listing Table Sortable + Separate Tables

Wanted to request that the table in the Dashboard that lists all Snapshot backups be sortable by the column headers (at least the "Name" column header).

I'm currently managing 30 sites (soon to be 200+), so it'd be great if the list would at least be able to be sorted alphabetically by Snapshot profile name (which is always the sitename in my case)

Further down the line, it would also be awesome to have the option to break out and organize Snapshots into their own separate tables on the listing page, rather than all snapshots being listed in a single table. ...Or even table-like accordions that could expand and contract.

For those managing LOTS of sites with Snapshot, these features would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub


    I agree this needs to be address. A typical solution is adding a drop down above the table output like you would see on the Post table to filter by site domain. The problem is I don't think this will scale well when you have many dozen site. Maybe this needs to be a simple input field where you would enter the site ID or sub-domain, sub-directory. Sort of like the way Snapshot works on the Add New snapshot form where you can select a site entering the Site ID, sub-domain or sub-directory.

    Another thought is adding a solemn to the Network > Sites listing which will show the latest snapshot (if there is one) for the site. Also a link to take you to the All Snapshots listing which will be filtered by that site.

    It is coming. Thanks for your thoughts.

  • Rone
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thanks Paul. Glad to know something is on the way.

    I agree that the dropdown might seem optimal at first glance, but probably won't scale well as more and more sites are being managed.

    I Iike where you are going with the second idea. That coupled with possibly making the current table sortable alphabetically by the "Name" column might be the needed one-two punch.

    My minor issue with having to enter the ID or subdomian, is that opens the door for data entry errors as well as the requirement to have to remember or seek out the site ID, subdomain, or directory. That might get a little cumbersome with large networks. But again, I think that might be a minor thing and, at a minimum, it might still be a good starting point terms of a solution.

    Thanks again.

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