Make the gallery home slide show full screen

Hiya Internets,

Playing around with gallery and I'm wondering how easy it is to modify the layout of the home page?

In particular, I'd like to have a full screen bar across the top with the logo on the left and a search and contact on the right, and then the exhibitions/pages on the bottom.
The middle should be a full screen slideshow. I'm building a site for an artist and fundamentally all this should be is some galleries with all sorts of contact info and maybe some other random things.

After playing with the builtin options, it became clear that I have the pieces, but I can't rearrange. I glanced at the theme source and it appears to be mostly jquery but I didn't see how I could go about moving things around in a simple fashion. Everything seems tied into functions

I'm working on figuring this out for myself, but figured I'd ask in the hopes that someone could at least point me in the right direction.