Make timeslot unavailable for all Services / Service Providers when booked


I am looking to perform an interesting task with Appointments+. We currently have set up many Services and many Service Providers that are all actually just 1 physical provider.

We need to be able to globally "lock down" a time-slot for all services and service providers when anything is booked, for the amount of time that booking is.

The services all vary in time, but the capacity for *everything* is only 1 (Ideally, this could also be variable. I could see a situation where that would be possible).

Is there any supported way to accomplish this? My searches thus far have been of no luck.

In case it is relevant, I have already done some slight modification of the plugin so we could work backwards (selecing "Service Provider" first, then the "Service" next). I don't think that will affect this portion though, since that was all modifications of the shortcodes for those dropdown fields.