Making a categorized directory of blogs

I just activated this plugin network wide but nothing seems to be happening. The installation and usage file is not available on this site. Does this require setting up or is it one of those plugins that just imposes itself on the home page and isn’t showing because of theme structure?

What I want to do on this site is to have a page listing all the blogs of the artist members preferably listed in broad categories (visual artist, musician, writer etc). Obviously these categories can be included as required fields in an extended profile. But it must not appear on the front page of the site but on a dedicated page.

I had dealt with this problem once before by using a theme that employed the mega-menu functions, I have uber-menu but this is problematic with the theme that I am currently exploring. With either of these I could deal with this functionality in the menus. Without this I would need a page that can adapt as the membership grows.