Making a Child Theme


I am not a developer, but I am hoping to make some changes to my website without having to a hire another developer. I had someone build a custom theme, and now it’s really hard to change things about my website (for instance, I have been completely unable to change the picture that is on the homepage; also, for instance, woocommerce does not work well with the theme). I have been doing a bunch of research, even trying to learn PHP, so I can fix the problems with my website. That’s how I found your site.

Anyway, the question.

I am trying to make a child theme so I can make changes–because right now I don’t see any way to add template files to the current theme. I think the child theme will allow me to add new template files.

I am following the instructions on your page:

But I am stuck on one of the first instructions: “go to your theme directory and create a folder for your new theme. You may name it anything you’d like. For clarity’s sake, I will name my theme twentyfourteen-child.”

I see no place to create this folder. Can you help me figure it out please.

I am using wordpress version 4.6.