making admin menu URL's nicer (htaccess)

Hey guys. Me again!

I am currently trying to 'prettify' my admin area. Doing a good job so far, and I have changed wp-admin to admin, but a lot of the menu URL's are still looking ugly.

For example when using the support plug-in:


I would like this to be:


I have just spent 3 hours+ playing with the htaccess file and nothing seems to work (I dont seem to have much luck with things it appears).

I have tried so many variations and none of them appear to do anything. So what am I doing wrong?

The most recent line I have tried is:

RewriteRule ^admin/support/tickets/(.*)$ admin/admin.php?page=page=incsub_support_tickets$1 [L,QSA]

But this just goes to a page not found!

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?