making all category images the same size on category pages

can you please tell me how to make all the images on this category page the same size?

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there, Corn!

    This is actually trickier than it looks. Let me give you the abbreviated reason why.

    Your site is responsive, which is great! That means it’s going to look great on mobile devices and any screen size. This also means your image sizes are defined by percentages, instead of pixels, which prevents us from giving your images exact pixel dimensions. (like 250px x 250px, for example.)

    The other issue is that your featured images don’t share the same aspect ratio. Your container is set for a 4:3 aspect ratio (an 800px x 600px image is an example of 4:3 aspect ratio.) but most of your images are a different ratio. (Some are square, for example, which is 1:1) To make an image that isn’t 4:3 fit a 4:3 space, you’ll either have to stretch it (and it won’t look pretty) or crop it.

    Your best solution here is to use featured images that already fit the 4:3 aspect ratio to get a uniform look on your front page.

    Take care, corn!

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