Making changes to how products are displayed

I'm trying to personalize how my shop is displayed, but I fear my limited knowledge of code is working against me. Any help on the below issues would be appreciated. I am using the grid plugin and a theme from another developer.

1. How do I place the "Add to cart" button immediately below the price, rather than next to it? I want both to float left, so they are aligned. While I like having the cart button on the right, if I use a sale price, the increased length of the price causes the "add to cart" button to drop to the following line, making the site look sloppy.

2. How can I add text reading "Sale!" next to the decreased price? I want to be able to highlight the sale items, and creating a sale category doesn't accomplish the same thing.

3. How do I keep the grids evenly spaced? The site will be selling ebooks, with titles and author names of varying lengths being used in the post title. When one name is longer than the others, it messes up everything (see screenshot). I need each grid to be the same size, and for the book images to line up cleanly.

Thank you for your help.