Making each blog's tags, site-wide (like


I'm hoping you'll be able to tell me there's already a plugin for this, but I'd like to join all blogs on my WPMU install in the way that have. This way, when you click on a tag on a single blog, you are taken a a list of all posts tagged with that tag on the entire install.

On, categories behave like tags on wpmu, in that they link to other posts on the particular blog, but tags link to posts on other blogs.

Thank you

  • drmike

    We do this but *cough* we don't steal enduser's visitors like does. The bad news though it's not a plugin but a core edit for us. The function that displays the categories is not pluggable and for it to work for us, we have to edit core. Also the same function that displays the category links on the blog side is the same function call that displays them on the Edit -> Posts page.

    For us the display categories function gets duped into a plugin and renamed for the admin side. We have to make a core edit within the admin code to call the new function we've created. We then have to edit the old display categories code to change it to whatever you want it to display. That's a core edit as well.

    I seem to remember a trac ticket that got closed without any real comment on the topic of making categories plugable.

    We do it slightly different though than does theirs. Instead of linking categories to the sitewide tag solution, we create either a third line for sitewide categories or throw in a "Sitewide" link right after the specific category within the local category line.

    I had asked for the private subforum so I could release satuff like this but since the laptop dies, I'm limited to about 2 hours of computer time a day. I've gotten kind of behind. Hopefully I can get this code out sometime.

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