Making events show up group wide in one spot

I have installed the group calendar plugin and all is good but I would like to make all the events from all the groups show up in one place and maybe even be searchable. What are my options??? I saw the note about “See the Single Group Events widget” but not sure where to get it and if it will do the trick for me…

my prob with events plus is the same as my prob with events manager – you have to post new events from the WP dashboard and I don’t want that.

  • Kimberly
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    Hey there onlyway, Welcome to the community!

    If you want to display upcoming events in the sidebar or footer or any other widgetized area of your theme, go to Appearance >> Widgets >> and drag and drop the Upcoming Events widget or Single Group Events widget to your theme’s sidebar or other area.

    You can edit how many events and what group it will show directly in the widget options.

    As far as being searchable…there is nothing that is available for that purpose as far as I have seen. You’d probably have to create a custom query for the search.



  • Kimberly
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    There is no way to do this without some custom coding.

    If you are code savvy you could try to adapt the widget code into a page template.

    But this would be a good feature request :slight_smile:

    Anyone else add a +1? I’ll notify the developer

  • onlyway
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    Thanks, yeah it would be great feature to have a single place to go and see all the events scheduled for all the groups and all the groups scheduled for all my groups.

    There are already 2 widgets “Upcoming Group Events” and “Your Upcoming Group Events” to do it. So either a tab that shows up on the profile menu bar or a full page that I link to in my main nav would be perfect.

    The benefit of this is that it will let people know about events in groups they are not members of and encourage them to join those groups AND it will help the user to keep track of upcoming events within his own network without having to drill down into each group separately.

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