Making Exceptions all but first exception working??

Hello, Hankan or anyone that may have the answer to this. I only need to show 2 specific onpen days in the month in October. I have working days set the Thurs and Friday which makes every thurs and friday available.

To remedy this I set exceptions for no working days for the remaining thursdays and fridays in the month. All of them show as greyed out like they are suppose to except for the first exception day. Anyone know whey this is doing this?


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  • scott74
    • The Crimson Coder

    What I have noticed is either way you go the first day you select in the exceptions does not work.

    I set all working days to none then went in exceptions and put in Oct 25 and Oct 26 as exceptions to work and only Oct 26 shows as available.

    I also did the opposite and have working hours set to Thurs and Friday for the month and then made exceptions not to work specific Thursdays and Fridays in Oct "11,12,18 & 19 "and all take effect but the first one the 11th which shows as available instead of unavailable.

    So there seems maybe there is bug with the first day of the exception taking effect.
    If your out there Hankan, I see you made an revision would you be able to fix this and the times being joined together fairly quickly? or if doing something wrong, let me know!

    PS... thanks for the content attribute fix on works :slight_smile:

    I also have different times for different days for workers and they are being joined together... the start time on one day and the end time on another, so everyday is coming up 8am to 7:45pm instead of 8 to 2:45 one day and 12 to 7:45 the other day!

    Been looking for a solution for a client for a while.. Where almost there but cannot use this unless the above works out and have to have this in place for them very shortly.

    I appreciate you monitoring the board here and making changes to make this the best all around appointment management tool for a plethora of niches :slight_smile:

  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush

    Hi Scott,

    This has been fixed as of V1.0.6.2

    Thanks for pointing out that.

    I appreciate your feedbacks too :slight_smile: In fact this plugin had been tested for about 2 months, first by myself and then both my colleagues and as beta version by members here, but somehow some issues are missed.


  • scott74
    • The Crimson Coder

    I am involved in a beta on a mobile WP theme... I seem to always be trying to push the plugins to their max lol or use all the functionality, so if you have something new coming out , give me a shout lol

    Ps... Please check specific thread here for the combining hours. Thanks They do not show as available anymore but do show the hours for other days, just greyed out and appointments that were made on other days

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