making 'new blog templates' a dashboard option for users

I desperately want to get rid of the horrible, unchangeable wp-signup for creating new site. But one major issue is being able to still use NBT for choosing templates, as all of the designs we offer are handled through theme customizations and its the only way to copy over the settings.

In other words, being limited to using wp-signup as the NBT interface (or as superadmin creating a new site) is a hindrance.

Any suggestions as to how to turn NBT into a dashboard option so that users can choose the design AFTER creating a new blog?

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hey there @peter_harris

    This can be done quite easily but will require some custom code. You can use this hook

    <?php wpmu_create_blog($domain, $path, $title, $user_id, $meta, $site_id); ?>

    Then create a modal window (??) once the user signs up to show him the template options (BEFORE the blog is created) . Once he picks one you can set that as the default for his site.

    If you are not comfortable with code, you can try our Jobs Board where you can find access to some quality talent to help you with this


  • amused
    • friend of Bill. W.

    hi @Jude
    can i please jump in to ask for simple clarification here ?
    i am not sure if i am understanding the request and solution properly.

    basically if someone signs up but does NOT choose a NBT,
    they can always choose one after ?
    i.e. on ProSites default free level, ProSites paid level, after customising a theme for themselves etc. ?

    if my rotten brain serves me correctly,
    i have seen this request/question quite a few times (including from myself)
    and the impression i got was that NBT simply cannot be chosen after sign up as it was not designed for that and can cause various corruptions/conflicts etc.

    kind regards and thanks again in advance.

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hey @amused

    Just clarifying what you're saying is right. You cannot choose a template AFTER you've already created the site.

    What I understood from peter_harris is that he needs to alter the signup process (from this and another post of his). So this will work after the user creates his account but JUST BEFORE the site itself is created.

    Thanks for posting this .. Im editing my answer a bit .. I see the vocabulary can suggest otherwise

    Hope that clears things


  • amused
    • friend of Bill. W.

    thanks but sorry to sound like a dead brain and a pest here,
    its a bad habit of mine to be over specific because it seems to me that words in WordPress can be easily used loosely - its not a perfect science in my crazy opinion/brain :slight_smile:

    so again,
    you and Peter are referring to just simply "user accounts" ALONE ! (join a website as a user - WITHOUT registering for a sub-site).

    then they can be a user of the site, commenting, shopping perhaps, etc.
    and will always have the NBT option still available (with some custom code) when they decide to eventually "register a site" ?

    Screenshot illustrating the two different sign ups.
    am i reading it correctly ?
    are we on the same page ? "so to speak" :slight_smile:

    BUT once a "Site" is registered,
    then its game over for NBT ?

    kind regards.
    if i am still way off then i'll open a new post as not to hijack Peter's post here.
    much thanks again !!!
    BLESS !!!

  • peter_harris
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi all,

    The original analysis is correct... I want users to be able to choose their theme AFTER creating the name. My clients are often very undecided when it comes to what design they want and so many have said they want to create the site, THEN choose the design later and/or switch the design at some point.

    The problem is that my designs are all based on a single theme and much of the settings are controlled by the theme customizer and NOT stored in style.css or the functions file. So that creates a bit of a problem.

    So, if its not at all possible to use NBT AFTER site creation, then I've got a bit of a problem on my hands. I can manually clone the settings into their site (using Cloner) but then that requires someone on staff to do that every time someone wants to change their theme.

    Can someone confirm that's the case?

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hi there @amused

    Sorry the response took a while longer than expected. Appreciate your patience, I needed to do a bit of research.

    What you are saying is correct. They can be a user of the site, commenting, shopping perhaps, etc. Once a new site is created by NBT the database is populated and you cannot do much else within the scope of the plugin.

    BUT once a "Site" is registered,
    then its game over for NBT ?

    So, if its not at all possible to use NBT AFTER site creation, then I've got a bit of a problem on my hands.

    You guys are right, this is how it works.

    @peter_harris I am answering here to both your threads, I see the requirement you are trying to overcome especially the undecided clients and Im beginning to think NBT may not be the best way forward for you.

    You could try and automate the Cloner workflow with some custom code, but here again there are variables on the front end you need to take care of (Dynamically pull data from customizer and build site) .


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