Making Payment After Registering For Account in Membership2 Pro


Using Membership2 pro I noticed that a user can register an account for a paid membership. They are then displayed as a member in Admin with access to the content even if they have not paid yet (screenshot attached). For this test the username = coupontest.

They can then login to their account on the website, and if they visit the Register page, they have "Permanent Access" to the membership. (screenshot attached). They cannot access the content yet because they have not paid. Unfortunately there does not appear to be an area for them to pay at this point.

My questions are:

1. Why does Admin dimply them as having access prior to making payment?
2. How does a registered user come back later an complete payment and gain access to the protected content?

I have also attached a screenshot of this test users account page so you can see they have "Active" status as a "Registered" user, but no way of paying for their membership.