Making search usable & specific to groups in Membership 2 private pages


I've setup Membership 2 on a website. The site has multiple user groups, and each are able to login to view content specific to their particular membership group. They can't see the other's pages or restricted menus.

However, we really want to make Search a primary way a user can get around the site. Right now, if someone searches, they'll get lists of all the pages on the site, even ones they aren't allowed access to from their groups. They click that link and then it informs them they can't read what came up in their search results. Not a great user experience. Especially since a lot of the content, while it is different, has many similarities in the topic. It's extremely likely the same types of search words will be used among users from the different groups.

So, the question boils down to: How can I make the WordPress search results (or another search plugin) only show results that are specific to a user's given membership group, and NOT show results for pages they don't have access to.

Here's an example scenario:
1. I login as a "Res***Access" group member. (Testres*** is the user).
2. I search for "shoulder".
3. The Search Results page looks like:

While I'm in the Resurgens group, the "Shoulder NSH" page is listed and listed first, and when I click on it it tells me I can't access that content. That's confusing because as a user I don't really know there are other groups with slightly differing information available. There's another result called "Shoulder (Res)", and that's the one I should be clicking to get to what I'm looking for. Can we make it so the pages assigned to Res***Access are the only ones that show up in my search results? And then the NSHAccess group only sees their pages in their search results, etc?

Thank you!